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Create, Transform a New, add Versatility or
Make it Yours. You can Contact us and
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Create jewelry that reflects you and your style

Set up a meeting with Clicia’s Designs and Dare to step out of our comfort zone, and together we will create something unique that represents you or a special moment in your life.

Transform a New

Have that piece that you never wear? Something that has been passed on to you but that is just not your style? Let Clicia’s Designs transform and update them into something new while keeping the sentimental value of the piece.

Add Versatility

Versatility is Clicia’s Designs signature. We believe in making pieces that can be worn in every aspect of your daily life. Let us help you make pieces that go from “Day time to Date Time”.

Make it Yours

At Clicia’s Designs we celebrate each individual’s uniqueness and believe that by customizing our jewelry is our way of helping Women showcase their personal style.

Our Process


We start with a gemstone that calls out to you, your story, your style. Once we have your stones, we will create a design that enhances the stone and represents who you are as a person. This process makes our jewelry much more than accessories, they become a signature statement. It can have a story that tells about you, or celebrates an important milestone in your life.


We will create computer designs and wax models to make sure that our vision is your vision. We work with craftsman from different factories, using international grade tools and techniques in order to bring your jewelry to life.


Our factories will work diligently to ensure every detail of our envisioned design translates into the final piece. We guarantee the authenticity and quality of each and every piece. They must meet international standards of certification and social responsibility. No piece is complete until you love it.