I hope to bring a unique perspective into every
design by turning them into conversation
pieces that tell a piece of your story.

My Journey

My personal journey has taken me from Latin America to Taiwan, Beijing and USA, and it has thought me to appreciate the nuances of every culture, the uniqueness of each individual and appreciate that beauty and inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

Who is Clicia?

I love to design but my strength is translating women’s inner style into what is beautiful.  It’s tricky!  We women have so many roles - mom, friend, wife, professional – and even where we are in our journey called life.

Quality is always

Clicia’s Designs is deeply committed to the quality of our work. We source our gemstones directly from high-end dealers with connections to best mines all over the world.

We guarantee the authenticity and quality of each and every stone. They must meet international standards of certification and social responsibility.

Clicia’s promises


No piece is complete until you love it


I stand behind our craftsmen’s quality


Your piece is forever


I believe in giving back to the community